iPhone: Cannot Send Mail Error

If your iPhone or iPad is unable to send an email, it means you haven't entered your outgoing server settings. Please click Settings> Scroll down and click on Mail>Reagan Account>Account>Outgoing Server>Primary Server>

Server ON

Host Name:


Password: Your email password

Authentication Password


Server Port 465

After clicking Next/Save your device will verify these settings and you will be fine.

Please confirm that your folders are configured as well:

To Configure Default Folders

1. Tap Settings, Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Select your account, scroll down and Tap Advanced

2. Under Mailbox Behaviors, tap Drafts Mailbox.

3. Under On the Server, tap Drafts.

4. Tap Advanced and Tap the Sent Mailbox.

5. Under On the Server, tap Sent.

6. Tap Advanced and then Tap Deleted Mailbox.

7. Under On the Server, tap Trash.

Tap the arrow in the top left corner twice, click the Done button in the top right corner and your settings will be saved.


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