Windows: Microsoft Outlook IMAP Setup Guide

Microsoft Office IMAP Setup Guide

Click the Start button in the lower left corner of the computer screen.


Click on Outlook.


Enter your complete email address and click on Advanced Options.  Check the box, Let Me Setup My Account Manually then click Connect.


Enter your password then click Connect.



Enter the server, port number and ecryption method as shown for the Incoming and Outgoing Mail fields.  Do NOT check Require Logon Using Secure Password Authentication.

Click Next.

Incoming Mail

Server:    Port: 993

Encryption Method:  SSL/TLS


Outgoing Mail

Server:   Port: 465

Encryption Method:  SSL/TLS


You will see the message, Account has been successfully added. Click Done.


Congratulations! You have now setup Outlook to work with your Mailbox. Please wait 15 minutes before troubleshooting to allow for mail to download.

Don't forget about your other devices! Click here to set up a computer, tablet, or phone.








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